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  • Three-dimensional reconstruction of catalyst layer for PEMFC

- FIB-SEM/X-Ray based 3D reconstruction of catalyst layer

- Statistics based 3D reconstruction of catalyst layer

- Development of PEMFC model parameter from 3D reconstruction

  • Electrocatalysts for energy conversion

- Synthesis of nanomaterials for HER/OER

- Investigation and tuning of multi-metallic bifunctional nanomaterials for water-splitting & PEM electrolyzers applications

- Development of earth abundant electrocatalysts for HER/OER, by understanding the correlation between the electrode framework and its electrochemical behavior

- Harvesting Electronic Waste for the Development of Highly Efficient Eco-Design Electrodes for Electrocatalytic Water Splitting

  • Development of the self-humidifying MEA via electrostatic deposition

- High PEMFC performance at low relative humidity by tailoring electrode morphology

- High PEMFC performance of ultra-low Pt loaded catalyst layer through the electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) method

- Influence of the Nafion agglomerate morphology on the water-uptake behavior and performance in PEMFC

  • Three-dimensional reconstruction of electrode for lithium battery

- FIB-SEM/Nano-CT based 3D reconstruction of electrode

- Structural analysis on 3D reconstructed structure of battery electrode

- Comparison In-depth profile of structural properties

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